Only Eyes

RDP Tuesday: SHARK


I am afraid

of your eyes.


I know that they are just like mine, so what is there really to fear?


They are dark, clear, you have blind spots

just like me too. Two eyes, that is all they are.

No monsters, no demons, nothing wicked hiding  in there.


So I suppose the reason

that I am so deathly afraid of your eyes

Is that if  I spend too time watching them,

I might not see your teeth as you open your mouth wide

until it is to late.



Word of the Day Challenge: DYSANIA

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Knock, knock,

is anybody there?

You aren’t still sleeping are you?

I’ve brought you flowers I’ve brought you wine, why are your eyes still closed?

The entire world is up and about

Birds are singing

planes are flying

the dog down the street bit the cat from two blocks over and now

the owners are starting a Facebook page for people who hate their neighbors.


I can stand here all day and wait for you to get up

to open your eyes,

to laugh about how stubborn I can be, how unreasonable I am

when reality doesn’t suit me and this business about you just laying there

when an entire world is  out here with me, waiting for, you doesn’t suit me at all

So how about it?

Just sit up, take the the caps from your eyes, I’ll unstitch your mouth and bring you

some fresh clean clothes and then we can watch the world go by, together, like before


if you would just wake up.


Photo A.M. Moscoso