Supper Is Late

RDP Wednesday Prompt: Fright

Emil Carlsen

In a small dark room

with dusty plaster walls

spiders watch from the rafters

and mice listen from inside the walls

to a  green eyed woman named Edith

and her eyeless son  Ferdinand

and the ghosts that haunt the halls

of this dark and lifeless home.


Inside  their small dark room

there’s  a picture on the wall

of ripe and glistening fruit

waiting to be touched, tasted and devoured.


Ferdinand can’t see it

and Edith can all but smell it

but neither cares much for it

because what they long to feast on is


Downstairs at the front door.


“Knock on  the door a little louder, I think I saw a light in the window upstairs. ” one

voice says

Another chimes in, ”  Nobody lives in this falling down old place, lets just go in. ”


” Dinner. ” says Edith.

” Desert”  says Ferdinand.

” A sumptuous repast  ” say the Ghosts  ” at last”






Lucky Human Gets Adopted By An Awesome Cat

With all of these stray humans out there sort of existing without knowing the wonderful and loving  companionship of a cat or dog- it’s always great to hear stories about one being adopted by a perfectly PAWSOME cat.

Here is on of those success stories.

Remember Felines…adopt don’t well, I don’t know- just find a human to love. 

Thank you.