Choir of Crickets

Word of the Day Challenge: Hilarious


Franz von Stuck


When I tripped

when I fell

when I mispronounced a word

counted up the numbers wrong

Hilarious to everybody there


When I wore my hair wrong

chose the wrong clothes

drove the wrong car

saw the wrong movies, read the wrong books

it was oh so very hilarious to everybody there


Once I was right and

no one was there

to see it, to hear it,  to cry

Hey! That’s not hilarious

except for a choir of crickets who happily chirped hurrah.


Fandango’s Flashback Friday- Language!

For Fandango’s Flashback Friday 

First Published November 24,2015

I   struggle to learn a New Non-Language and the results are not stellar:


( Via Text)

Me: Are you going to  do the writing prompt?

FB: what

ME: What?


ME: I thought you said you wanted to try your hand at doing some writing.

FB: wink

ME:  I don’t get it, are you going to write or not?

FB: smile

ME: Come on. Seriously are you going to do the prompts or not?

FB: I said yes. Did you not get my messages?

ME: I got a bunch of smiley faces. You might want to reconsider the writing thing if that’s how you’re going about doing it.

FB: Oh. You’re so funny. Everyone talks with these things now. It’s like sign language.

ME: Oh. I get it. Like this? gif

FB: Um.

ME: Oh. Gee. I guess I should study up on this new language before I doing anymore writing. It’s obvious I’m out of touch. Just let me bash my head against the wall for a few hours and I’ll ….