The Ferry Ride

Word of the Day Challenge: Outre

He was a not so tall man and she was just a little shorter then he was.

They stood next to me at the railing on the Ferry ride home.

It was the beginning of Summer and nobody wants to sit in the cabin or in their cars on a day like that because the water was blue, the sky was blue and the hills were mix green and gold.

I didn’t want to do the polite thing and move along so that they could talk in private  because I was enjoying the view.  So I focused on the  scenery  and pretended that they weren’t there.

However, I couldn’t pretend to not hear them when I very well could.

The woman started the conversation off:

” There’s a house down the road from where I live for sale. It’s right near the lake. I think it was designed by some famous architect , or maybe it belonged to a famous artist. I’m not sure about that detail. But it’s going to be dirt cheap because of the tragedy.”

” And what tragedy was that? ”

” Someone hung them self in the kitchen. The kitchen. Can you believe that? Who hangs themselves in the kitchen?” She sounded truly mystified.

” Staff? Maybe someone who worked in the kitchen. ”

” Possibly. But do you know what I think? I think the idea was to kill the poor soul in the kitchen  and the idea was to drag the body out the side door to the lake and let the water take care of the rest. You know what heat and water does to a body, especially during the Summer months? It’s nasty end. Just nasty. ”

” Some people. ” he  told her.

” Isn’t that a fact, but at any rate that house is going to be dirt cheap,  you know if you’re in the market for something like that. ”

” Nah. I like my place. ”

” I don’t. I’m looking for a place and I think that house is right up my alley and it’s going to be a steal. Dirt cheap. Murder houses don’t exact fly off the market.You know,  I think I’m going to put up an offer.

” Good luck, but hey, who was it that died? Any idea? ” he asked.

” No. No. Not yet. ”

Let Me Put It This Way

Word of the Day Challenge: Phrase


March is here,

Spring is on it’s way

Marshmallow peeps are on the shelves and I

think that love is in the air.


I hope I get my Fauci Ouchi soon, before I get bit by any deadly bugs.

But March is here and Spring is on it’s way

hoozah and hurray!

Halloween is 242 days away!

The Tease
Franz Von Stuck

March winds and May fun, makes clothes white and maid’s dun

Fighting Fauns
Franz Von Stuck