Without Question

Word of the Day Challenge: Flexibility

Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

Tell her how to wear her hair

and she will cut and hack and paint it whatever color

you think is best.


Tell him he has spoken out of turn

and he will tear out his tongue, gouge out his eyes

if you think it’s for the best.


Tell them what is hot, what is cold

how far to run, when to sit and stand and they will do it

without question, if you tell them it’s for the best


because they are so much smarter then

me and you

without question.

A Conversation a Midnight

From my Soul Food Cafe Prompt Archives

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


There’s something buried in the Gardener’s Shed and why would someone bury something that wasn’t dead yet?

The thing in the shed isn’t buried very deep, so if you were to crawl over the dead fall in front of the door and were able to push your way through he matted cobwebs and you didn’t mind the smell of rotting leaves and small unburied creatures you’d find  there under the window a slightly raised mound of earth.

Were you to look at the raised mound long enough and the light somehow managed to find it’s way through the little panes of glass covered with dust and dirt you’d think someone was lying there on their side with one arm cradling their cheek and the other laying comfortably on their side.

Wouldn’t you?

If you brought a flashlight and the beam was bright you might think you could see something wrong with the entire left side of the sleeping figure’s face. You might think that maybe that the face was gone, smashed in by something like that shovel in the corner.

Isn’t that right?

They might wonder what you were doing back there in a rotting shed behind the Manor House in the dead of Night, they might see you take the shovel and try to smooth and pound that little raised mound of Earth flat.

That’s what they’d see wouldn’t they?

So I must ask you again, why would you bury something that is not dead yet?

Go ahead you can tell me.

Just keep your hands were I can see them.