I spun Salted Caramels Prompt: 5 Ways To Enjoy Strawberries in a slightly different direction. 

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After I’ve finished a book

where the monster wins and the dog lives

against incredible odds

I reach for a big luscious strawberry

I touch it to my lips and then I bit down.



If I am listening to a piece of music

that ends with a whisper instead of a roar

I reach for an overly ripe strawberry

I squeeze it just a little and then

I touch it to my lips and then I bite down



During thunderstorms

that rock the ground and rattle my bones

I reach for an almost ripe strawberry

I touch it to my lips and then I grimace

after that I bit down on it



At weddings and funerals , after we all say goodby

and promise to see each other soon, but of course we never do

I take out a little packet of dried strawberries , give them a little sniff

and then  I toss them through the air and to the ground

for the rats and birds to eat, they always bite down on them



When I am alone and watching the Moon fall

and the Sun rise

I go out into my garden and find the planter where my

strawberries are clinging to  their vines

and I take my place on the ground next to them and settle down


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