RDP Monday Prompt: Fluid

Louis Reckelbus (Belgian, 1864-1958)
Au Bréguinage de Bruges. 1912.

I like it when the sun is shining and the birds are singing and the warm Spring air stinks like freshly waxed cars and  lighter fluid warming on charcoal briquettes and

sometimes in these sweet moments

I look up into the sky and  with the sun  shining down on my upturned face  I ask it ” Are you going to give me skin cancer today, or are we good? ”

The Sun never replies but I do hear dogs barking and people laughing and music sailing through the air like rocks being launched by a kid in a blindfold with his Grandpa’s old slingshot on a dare.

I do enjoy days like that, they smell funny, they sound funny, they taste like burnt marshmellows and Strawberrry Wine Coolers.

Those are good days. I’m glad to say I was there. Even if it was only for a little while.

During the Spring I like to go to the beach at night when the tide rolling in is as black as a Witch’s heart and  ghost ships are sailing by  to nowhere

I can hear  thumping  and thudding from driftwood  as they are pushed carelessly to shore and I am sure I can hear the slick cool rocks  hissing at the cold Sea water ” Is this the day you wear me down to nothing or are we good? ”

Those are good nights. I like them the best. And sometimes I wish I was always there.

Moonlit Night. Wrecked ship
Ivan Aivazovsky


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