Aggy Draper

RDP Monday: SEED

Andrew Wyeth


Aggy Draper’s mother was disappointed when she realized Aggy’s eyes were not blue.

Everyone knows babies with blue eyes are the prettiest babies of all.

You only had to look at Homemaking Magazines and Christmas Cards to know that is



Aggy Draper’s father was disappointed when he saw that Aggy’s skin was not fair and pink.

Everyone knows the prettiest babies are pink.

All of the babies in soap commercials that

are floating on white clouds and wrapped in soft white blankets are pink.


Aggy Draper’s parents were disappointed that their daughter

never laughed or played with dolls, or had many friends

and the friends she did have

were so much more sparkly and pink then their own dull Aggy.


After Aggy Draper grew up

and left home

and lived alone

as her parents watched her age and fade

they knew had been right about Aggy  all along.


Aggy was alone because

babies with blue eyes are so much prettier

and sweet pink babies are so much more lovable

then their own

quiet and dull





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