You said WHAT????



Over the weekend I reposted this on my FB wall  and answered the question


My answer:

The Beatles.

I don’t like them for a wide range of reasons, but doesn’t it matter?

No it does not.

However, one of my ‘friends’ took me to the woodshed and a few more sent me messages pointing out that if I had ever been a REAL musician I would – and I paraphrase here- get on my knees and beg every f*&^ Beatles fan  in on the entire planet- both living and dead for daring to put out such a hateful post about the four most important men in the history of music on social media because of the 300 or so people on my Facebook page and the five or six people who  ACTUALLY show up on it consistently, you can see how one of my posts could totally make the Beatles look bad.

Oh GOD what have I done?

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You know, I’m pretty sure we weren’t talking about the Beatles..

I think that I- dependable, slow and not known for being the sharpest tool in the shed Anita spoke out of turn and how could I do that? Isn’t it my role in my relationships to be the patient one, the indulgent one, the one who LISTENS?

Yeah. If that is the way you set yourself up it’s the way you’re going to get treated. So I really shouldn’t be surprised that a few people in my life were personally offended that I voiced an opinion- any opinion at all.

But I also know that it’s never too late to take control of  your life.

So this is me taking control.

Screw you, screw the Beatles and the next time you want obedience from a ‘friend’ you might want to go play fetch with your dog. Most of the time they’ll respond exactly the way you want them to when you throw a stick or a ball.

But  FYI

Sometimes they don’t.


5 thoughts on “You said WHAT????

    • My Mom loved the Stones, which was funny because she was a total Elvis/Little Richard fan.
      On the other hand that makes sense. I enjoyed playing their music on my guitar. It was edgy.

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