Captain Kirk Is REALLY On Deck!

You might think you’re cool and maybe you are pretty darn awesome

but you will



be as cool as the crew who really flew into space 


Captain James T. Kirk

Shatner milked his upcoming flight for laughs last week at New York Comic Con. The actor said Blue Origin informed him he would be the oldest guy in space.

“I don’t want to be known as the oldest guy in space. I’m bloody Captain Kirk!” he exclaimed. Then he stammered in a faux-panicky voice: “Captain Kirk, going where no man … I’m going what? Where am I going?”

Shatner shooting into space is “the most badass thing I think I’ve ever seen,” said Joseph Barra, a bartender flown in from Los Angeles to help cater Blue Origin’s launch week festivities. “William Shatner is setting the bar for what a 90-year-old man can do.”

Well Mr. Barra- he is freaking Captain Kirk 🙂

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