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I have a birthday today, so I thought I would share the three things I had on my list the year I turned six.

Six was one of those memorable birthdays because my parents found out not only had I mastered my ABC’S  like during the first week of school and  ( even though I ALWAYS got the words to the song wrong and sang the letters out of order ) halfway through the school year I was reading at a second grade reading level ( I was in kindergarten ). Funny story. My parents  made me take the test THREE TIMES and the teacher made me take the test in the Principals Office because she was convinced I was cheating.

Nobody knows how I picked up reading as fast as I did, but if you want to know the truth nobody CARED.  The plus side to reading harder books was that I got to check out books from the big kid’s section of the library- which was empty most of the time, big surprise right? It was like my own private library and in those days my school was in an old creepy building and the library had those long tall windows and it was always dark in there. 

Just as a side note- I am still a freakishly fast reader and I can remember what I read with lots of detail  but I can NEVER remember the authors name.  I have to make an effort to match up the author’s name to the book. Even though I love them to bits.

Weird, right?


I got two of the things I asked for that year and as for the third- well. Nobody ever let me forgot I begged for that one the hardest.

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