Season’s Screamings

The wonderful thing about Halloween is that there isn’t a right way or a wrong way of doing it- it’s kind of like customizing a funeral service or a what “sex the baby is going to be reveal party”

Those events either go swimmingly fine and everyone has a meaningful experience  or fire engines and mental health professionals are involved instead.

Either way you’re in for an adventure.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Over this last weekend my family and friends were busy getting ready for Halloween- some of us had festivals or little parties, some of us carved or painted or bought pumpkins. I thought I’d share some of those moments here:

My son painted pumpkins:

I got my nails painted:

My dog Hamish Macbeth and his friend Te-Te went to a Halloween party in their nifty costumes

Hamish and Te-Te
Photo by A.M. Moscoso

And so did my Granddaughter, Jemma

Photo: Moscoso

There will be more to do and lots to see and this week is going to be a good one I think.

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