What Kind Of Person?

I read an interesting article about the most hated candy handed out at Halloween and on this list I saw that three were my absolute favorites.

The article questioned what kind of people actually give this candy out and I decided to write about it:

I don’t care what the haters say

it’s not Halloween if I don’t get

Peanut Butter kisses

and jawbreakers

and acres of candy corn

and I want enough to stuff the

severed head, a plastic one

that I named Buckley so full

that his eyes pop out and hit the floor with a plop.

Buckley’s eyes belonged to  Marina and Marietta

the only difference was Marian and Marietta’s heads

 were not plastic, they were made of bone.

But very much like Buckley their heads were empty until I stuffed them with candy.

That will teach them to trick or treat a Ghoul’s  house and make fun of her bowls of candy

her favorite candy that she loves and hands out in high spirits on Halloween.


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