It’s National Pumpkin Day!

Today is National Pumpkin Day and in case you didn’t realize it, I’m really into Halloween so today is pretty special to me.

So let’s talk Pumpkins!

First off, on this special day I want to take the time to celebrate Maverick.

Maverick is a 2,560 pumpkin from Minnesota grown by Travis Gienger, a horticulture teacher.Mr. Gienger drove Maverick all the way to San Franciso, California and in a field of giant pumpkins, Maverick bested them all.

Next up- meet my warty Pumpkin.

He was pretty special- this photo is from Halloween of  2012, and  at that time Warty Pumpkins weren’t a thing. So in addition to being pretty unique, I didn’t have to carve him because he was perfect the way he was:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

To wind things up here I went in search of a picture of the ” Weirdest  Halloween Pumpkin 2021″ and I was both amused and entertained. And just when I had found what I thought was a truly strange and weird pumpkin I saw this and it became my favorite.

It became my favorite because of the dog’s reaction to the pumpkin:

Carving by Deane Arnold

So I hope you are enjoying National Pumpkin day  ( more then that dog did anyway) , it only comes once a year you know!



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  1. I love your first video of the autumn leaves blowing around the pumpkins. I hope Mr. Gienger got a big cash prize for his pumpkin. Must have cost a fortune to truck it out to S.F.

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