It’s Their Halloween Too

My Mom- who is not a ‘pet person’ by any stretch of the imagination used to encourage us to include our cats and dogs in the holiday celebrations.

She said, ” It’s their Halloween/Christmas/fill in the holiday here -too.”

So our pets got to have birthday parties, holiday dinners, they got presents when for the same holidays we did and they even celebrated Halloween with us- catnip was their treat and they only got it during Halloween because it made all of my cats psycho with he exception of one.

In that spirit, I dug around for some fun Halloween clips of cats and dogs to share and I hope you find them as fun to watch as I did.

I tell stories bout how my dog Hamish Macbeth hated yard out so much that I actually had to train him to not bark at it. This must be a Labrador thing- check this out:

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso Halloween 2022


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