The Halloween Spirit Pays Me and Hamish A Visit

Photograponer Unknown

I had a plans for Halloween weekend.

I planned to watch my my traditional Halloween movies

I planned to carve my pumpkin, to eat lots of popcorn and munch on donuts and apple

cider, I even went that extra mile and unpacked my Krampus ornament because

the radio station I listen to in my car switches from music from the Big Band era to

Christmas carols on All Souls Day which is fine by me.

And of course I wrote stories because in my family we always told Ghost Stories ( more

then usual ) around Christmas time so I have work to do.


Wouldn’t you know it? I  got through my list.


The only bump in the road was  I dropped my already semi-injured pumpkin on my deck

( which has a cement floor, so you know where this is going ) and the back of his

head,near the stem,  got bashed in.


But I am handy with soft tissue repair ( and here I thought my Moritician’s training

would serve no real purpose in my boring suburban life ) so my Pumpkin will still have a

place of honor near my front door so that he can welcome the Trick Or Treaters

tonight- I’ll post pictures later.


I’m sad to say that even though I was in full Halloween mode by the BIG DAY it didn’t

feel like Halloween until-


I saw the ghost of my cat Kolchak.

I was out walking Hamish early this morning ( it was around 4:30 ) and it was raining, it

was windy and orange and gold wet leaves were racing down the driveway  in streams

of black  sparkly water.  I can’t explain why, but even with all of that going on there air

felt still-


and then we saw him.


To be specific Hamish saw Kolchak first.

We were walking , like I said when Hamish stopped mid-step, he put his ears up and

then forward. Then he started to sort of dance on his toes and he wagged his tail from

side to side.


Hamish Macbeth was one happy dog.


I looked forward to see what Hamish saw-  for a split second I thought he saw one of his dog pals being

walked or maybe the cat next door – her name is Lucy and they adore each other.

But who I saw Kolchak. He was walking  right in front of us and then he

was gone.

Poof. Just like that.


Now it feels like Halloween.


A.M. Moscoso

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