My Expiration Date

WP Prompters are living the dream when they ask How do you want to retire? 

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The reality is, it does not matter how I want to retire. So I don’t dream about it.


I will be one of those old people that

die on the bus or the train on my way to work. My fellow commuters will get mad

because they will  have to wait for the coroner to haul my carcass off.  As  they wait

they will cuss and  spit and demand  to know why I just did not die at home or before I

got on the train ( or bus ).


What ‘right’ they will ask, did I have to ruin their day? Make them late for work?


Some of them will probably take my picture and it will end up on social media, because

that is what  have I seen people who take public transportation do when they are close

to a  corpse, or a sleeping homeless  person.


So WordPress prompters I can’t sprinkle your  prompt with glitter and happy vibes

because I have no illusions about my future:

I will never get to retire and  sit on a beach on an Island- like Maui or on a beach in

Mexico or even  one of the Islands off of the coast in Washington state.


I am absolutely positive  that when I hit my ‘expiration date’ there  will not be

pictures  of me  dappled in sunlight showing up on Social Media.

I addition to that, I can say  that for certain, that there sure as hell won’t be any pictures of me  with big grin on  my face

as I make pretty for the camera with a parrot on my shoulder  and a glass of wine in my I hand as I celebrate my ‘retired life’.


I won’t get to sit on my deck and watch birds flit around my container garden.


So I will never retire, I will ‘expire’. and it’s a bold prompt for WP to put it out there- like

we all dream about ‘when I retire. ‘

I for one don’t because what I want and what I am going to get are a Universe apart.

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  1. My expiration date has been changed a few times so I’m not sure any more. I’ll just sit here in the bush and enjoy what time I have left

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