Pretty Girls

If I were forced to wear  the same outfit over and over and over again, what would this outfit look like? What would it be?

Would I be wearing my  favorite boots ( as pictured above ) ,  my perfect pair of jeans with the rip in the back right pocket topped with my favorite t-shirt  of the cat surfing on a slice of pizza ( God I love that shirt  )?

Now ” forced” implies I wouldn’t want to wear these clothes and that is not true. Sometimes I wear these all weekend by choice. So I will answer today’s WordPress  prompt this way:

If had to be  forced to wear anything , it would be a smile because what girl or woman has not heard-

” You should smile more, you look so much prettier when you smile.”

Artist Unknown

Straight on- If you wanted to  force me to wear the same thing day after day-a smile would be it.

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