Movie Night


In the strictest sense, films aren’t a new idea that popped into existence  the first time images were captured on film and projected on a screen and horror films fall into that catagory.

It’s true. Stick with me here and I’ll explain my point.

Production still from the 1932 pre-Code film MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE.

I watched a film called ” Cave Of Forgotten Dreams ” and somewhere in the film the narrator explained that when you walked into this pitch black cave with only a torch ( the kind of torch that is powered by fire and not batteries ) and you passed under or along side the pictures- it looked like the images were moving.

That’s right just like a movie.

So of course my imagination hopped on that idea and I had to wonder what it was like to go into those caves where the images on the walls followed you and led you into the heart of darkness itself.

Those animals, the people- all walking into an endless night. why I wonder did they do it? Were they scared? Was it fun? Did they laugh or cry? Did some of them turn back?

What was the story here? Because I think that’s why they did it. They were in those caves  to become part of a story.

Just like what we do when we go to the movies.

Especially the scary ones.

Replica of Lascaux cave paintings at the International Centre for Cave Art in Montignac, France

Marguerite Gance as the bride in Jean Epstein’s 1928 silent horror film THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER.


WP Prompters want to know- How am I feeling right now?

Well, let me tell you guys I am feeling pretty good right now because today is September 1st and that means


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These lovely months are bringing Fall and it’s  good  friend Halloween. The ‘Ber months are also bringing chilly nights and shorter days ( buh by Summer sun- I won’t be missing you at all ) and just when it feels like it was never going to get here Winter  takes the stage and as some of you know, the Dead of Winter is the best time in the world to read and write ghost stories.

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So thank you for asking WP Prompters, I am feeling pretty happy today.