Pumpkins Beo Fada!

100 Days of Halloween Fun 2023  – Pumpkin Spice

Photographer Unknown

Pumpkin Spice has become the butt of jokes during the Halloween Season.

It’s been meme’d to death and much like ketchup ( but lacking the respect smashed tomatoes get ) Pumpkin Spice gets sprinkled and boiled and microwaved into anything edible only before Pumpkin Spice is consumed it gets mocked just one last time.

It’s quite possible I am over reacting to the cruel treatment of Pumpkin, the undisputed centerpiece of the Halloween Season, but during the time of year when it is said that the dead return to the world of the living I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to tease something that is shaped like a human head and is given a face and personality and a life of it’s own by a very sharp knife.

Andrew Wyeth, Mischief Night, 2002

But go ahead. Snicker and jeer.

I am curious to see how this shakes out.

It’s Halloween and at this time of the year anything is possible.

It Was A Dark and Moonless Night

For: The Big Bad Wolf Project SFC

The accepted hypothesis for how the Moon was formed  was that something the size of Mars smacked into  youngish Earth and in the same way a bullet will blow it’s way out of the back of it’s target, parts of the Earth were ejected into space.

Lucky for us the Earth’s medical waste didn’t just float off.   Some of the  Earth’s Earthly remains were caught in Earth’s orbit and around and around it went until the Moon was formed.

The object that hit the Earth was named Theia after the Greek Moon Goddess because, I suppose , it made sense.

However I would have an object that tried to wipe the Earth out of existence a more fitting name.

I would have named it Fang.


Home Sweet Home

Daily Prompt: Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

Photo A.M Moscoso

I have traveled a lot – mostly around the United States and Canada.

I’ve been out in Death Valley all by myself, I’ve been to New Orleans, and the Midwest but the furthest I have ever been away from home was when I moved to Toilet Town to be closer to my family.

Toilet Town’s cultural center is Walmart.  Brodozers huff and puff up and down roads that literally go nowhere. Women here still get “ Tramp Stamps ” and the guys wear Concert T-shirts that they actually bought at the concerts they went to back in the 70’s and 80’s. These are the real things and not reprints you can buy on line.

How do I know? Because they look old and worn, that’s how I know.

Toilet Town, jammed between Seattle and Tacoma isn’t as far away as  the beautiful places I’ve been to in Canada, New  Orleans or Chicago, or Boston.  But in the grand scheme of things Toilet Town  is as far away from home as I have ever been in all of my travels.