When I’m Feeling Blue

For #100DAYSOFHALLOWEEN HAPPY– My self care plan

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I am a great believer in self care- after all if something happens to me what will happen to my dog?

So here are some things I do to keep myself on track when times get tough and the holidays ( which can be depressing )  are upon me:

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No matter how much it pains me at time- I get out into the world and I explore it, participate in it,  find things that are good about it. The bonus is I get get a lot of exercise when I do this.

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I watch my diet- by that I mean I eat regular meals on plates and not out of a microwave dish while standing at my kitchen window and NOT seeing what is outside.

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I hang out with people- my family, my friends, people I ride the train with. I don’t isolate myself. People are ok. I like them just fine. Not as much as dogs, but still-I do enjoy the company of humans. Most of the time.

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Most important of all,  I write  every single day.

The math is simple- when I write I like myself. When I don’t write  I find I am just existing  from day to day- when I eat at my kitchen window and ignore the big bad I don’t like myself.

So I write and I create and I look forward to doing it the tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the next day –

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So there is my day to day self care plan- maybe some of it will help you out or maybe some it will just make you smile. Either way. I think that is okay.




While Donald Trump and his Co- Conspirators were trying to overturn the 2020 Election, I would tune into when news when  John Fetterman, The  Lt Governor From Pennsylvania was on the air.

John Fetterman made it very clear why Pennsylvania was not ” in play ” after the Election had been called for then President Elect Biden.  I’m ashamed to say that even though I understood the process to a point, for some reason when Trump and his Fanatics started mewing and bellowing about a stolen election, I was worried that Trump was about to stage a Coup ( which he attempted to do ) and that he would get away with it.

I suppose you could say John Fetterman talked me off a ledge.

I supported John Fetterman when he ran for Senate- that was the first time I had contributed to an out of State Senator ( and I still do) because I believe if we don’t get people elected who aren’t afraid to take their opponent-  I’m talking about the Trumphumpers who are in Office right now,  to the wall, we as a Democracy are doomed.

When the Senator suffered a stroke it put my back up when the Trumphumpers in Congress and in the communities they represent declared John Fetterman  as mentally feeble I was gobsmacked. It’s like NONE of them have heard their supporters struggle to make a point or complete a coherent sentence but that didn’t concern them in the slightest. Trumphumpers insulted anyone who had ever suffered a stroke and came back from it and were able to resume their lived and go back to work.

That is something to celebrate, not mock.

Well John Fetterman is back to form and you can see that by the way he handled the Republicans coming after him- for the way he dresses. God help us. That is a priority for them:

United States Senator
from Pennsylvania
John Karl Fetterman

Fetterman to House Republicans: Bring the vote or find a new leg to hump

“I figure if I take up vaping and grabbing the hog during a live musical, they’ll make me a hero,”Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) wrote in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, in response to a Fox News post about how Republicans are pointing the finger at him for the Senate’s loosened dress code.

John Karl Fetterman
United States Senator
from Pennsylvania


Whoo Is There?

This challenge is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!

It’s called the Six Minute Challenge. You get a prompt ( this challenge was a picture of Owls ) and six minutes to answer it. Six minutes isn’t a lot of time, but I would encourage you to stick with it.  What I enjoyed the most about this challenge is that you don’t have to edit it, so your reader can see how an idea for a story is ‘born’. Like a human baby sometimes they’re not pretty, a little messy but they are full of promise and adorable in their own way.

So I would encourage you to take Stine’s Six Minute Challenge HERE

My Response:

Artist Unknown

They swarmed  and made a home

in my attic, was it last Fall or the Autumn  before?

Many owls with yellow eyes  took over my house because they

all had a story to tell.


They whisper and chatter

hoot and call, ‘can you hear us Anita? ”

we have a story to tell.

And sometimes I tell them yes and sometimes I say no

and then I tip toe away, as quiet as I can


but I always, every single  time,  check to see

that the lock on my attic door

is shut fast and won’t budge

because ask myself do I really want to know what kind of tales

a swarm of  talking  owls with yellow eyes  in my attic have to tell?