Ask Theodore

RDP Tuesday: Theodore, where’s Chippy?


Theodore, where’s Chippy?

Did the big black dog from the cemetery next door spirit him away

when the fog rolled up from Woodbine River late last night?


Did Chippy snap? Did he bite,  did he claw

when the Big Black Dog from the cemetery next door

carried him off in his jaws?


Theodore, did you try to stop the Black Cemetery Dog

did you warn him away, did you howl did you growl?

Did you do anything at all to save Chippy,  when the Devil Dog camd to call?


Answer me this

do I need to sleep with one eye open

when you are around?


Because I’m starting to believe

the Black Cemetery Dog who carries off it’s pray doesn’t  live next door-

does he Theodore?


Photographer Unknown

1912 Was Different

The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Broken
There are groups that clean and repair aged and damaged tombstones. Nobody
is going to fix this one. That is sad, but I think it’s told it’s story. Most stories
come to an end and they stay that way.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Puyallup Cemetery

This tomb had nobody left to care for it, so it’s falling to dust bit by bit.  Relationships

are like that, aren’t they?

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Saint Louis Cemetery Number One
October 31, 2012

This gravestone isn’t broken like the ones above.

Baby Boy Floyd was born in 1912 and he died on the same day.

What broke on that day in December back in 1912 isn’t buried here- things like that are never

really able to be laid to rest. They live on and haunt us.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Bear Creek Cemetery/Turner Cemetery
Washington state.

Just Call Me Band-aid Girl


I’ve always thought of myself as a J & J Band-Aid kind of girl.

When I was little and discovered the band-aid, I felt like I wasn’t just a little kid at the mercy of every scrape, bump or skinned knee that the Fates threw at me ( ha! go ahead I’ll just slap a band-aid on take THAT ya brazen wenches!)

Now there was a way for me to fight back, to tough it out and on top of it, those band-aids were like little badges of honor.

So if I drove a race car, or flew a plane and I wanted to slap advertisements all over it, I’d go with the brand that I really do associate my life with-


Because they have confidence in every little plastic strip.