Tea With Nan


Bone Ash
Photographer Unknown

When I was growing up, the women in  my family collected bone china tea cups- between four of them they had a mind boggleling collection. They didn’t put their collections in fancy hutch’s to simply look at and use on very special occasions. They used them every single chance they gotand each one seemed to have a stroy.

At family gatherings where tea and coffee was to be served, I remember proving over and over again that I was a ‘ young lady ‘ ( at age five ) and that I could be trusted to take my warm drinks out of the delicate teacups. Eventually my Nan let me use a delicate  scalloped  light green teacup with gold edging and before she sat it down in front of me, she grilled me on good manners.

After I got married I got about a dozen of those teacups that I had inherited  from Nan when I was young but my Mom kept away until I really had use for them.

My favorite is STILL that lovely little scalloped tea cup and unlike my Nan, I keep it up and away from any chance of harm.

Bone Ash
Photographer Unknown

My fascination with Bone China kicked in when Nan explained to me at a Christmas dinner  that the cups had been crafted from bone ash- from cows she said.

Cows? ” I said with skeptism dripping from my lips.

” Yes. Cows. ”

” Even the plates? ”

” Yes. If it’s bone china it’s made from bone ash. ”

” People eat food that’s been sitting on painted   dsuty cow bones? ”

” Yes. ” Nan looked down at me. ” Don’t be so morbid. ” she told me.

This was the only time I didn’t listen to her and I went on my merry morbid way.

Bone Ash
Photographer Unknown

Well That Was Fun



RDP Wednesday: DELIGHT

Artist Unknown

August was here and then it went ( I write as I wipe a tear from my eye )

I am  not a fan of the Summer season and I am not a fan of August- my least favorite time of the year ( heavy dramatic sigh ) but like it or not I have to deal with it and I try to not let it get me down,

While my friends tanned themselves and sunned themselves and posted endless pictures of themselves outside in their Summer wear fashions  on FB, I spent my days inside where I didn’t have to breathe in smoke from forest fires, where I didn’t have to watch the Sun crawl across the sky like a tick making it’s way across a dog’s back and best of all I didn’t have to listen to anyone boo-hoo because Summer goes by so fast.

So Happy Days and delight wrapped in bright and sparkling delight ,  now that August is gone, I must say I am a tad bit sad because I did enjoy watching people slather themselves in lotions and potions and they embalm themselves right there before my eyes.

As my Summer Worshiping friends they give their bodies up to the Ancient Egyptian Gods of Death and Mummification I swear I could hear their skin cells screaming in agony. I saw  their flesh sizzling on their bones, I could imagine  their internal organs pumping just a little harder then normal in a struggle against the heat.

( I fan myself with a magazine and take a sip of water  and afterI have calmed down I continue writing) To cap it off August is gone, Summer is all but a memory and for now if I want to watch people light themselves on fire and run around in ecstasy I’ll have to search social media for stories about ” Karens ”

As sad as that sounds,  it is really okay because I also have plans to see the new Exorcist movie and I’m going to re-watch the ” Pope’s Exorcist” and maybe I’ll watch the Witch on the same day.

August is over and it’s not going to be here again for 11 Months- HOORRAAAYYYY!

It’s Alive!


In 1910, Edison Studios released the first motion-picture adaptation of Shelley’s story.

Henry Frankenstein: Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive… It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive!

Victor Moritz: Henry – In the name of God!

Henry Frankenstein: Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!”

– ‘Frankenstein’, 1931.

Steel engraving (993 × 78 mm), for the frontispiece of the 1831 revised edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, published by Colburn and Bentley, London

This post is a shout out to the writers and artists for bringing us these creatures, all of them fit to sit graveside with Frankenstein’s Monster- who named himself  Adam but was called a ” Devil ” or a  ” Fiend ” by his creator.

Our modern creatures have been treated a bit more kindly by their creators and THAT is a good thing.

Frankenstein Chapel- Frankenstein castle may have been an inspiration for Mary Shelley when she wrote her 1818 Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

Black Phillip and the actor who gave Black Phillip his devilish voice -Daniel Wahab Chaudhry

Frankenstein’s Monster as created by artist Ross Rossin

Frankenstein’s monster as created by artist Ross Rossin.

From Stephen King’s Pet Semetary (2019) ” Church ” as portrayed by JDTonic, and Leo

PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures.

One Word


My favorite words are Halloween words!

The thing of it is, I couldn’t decide one which is my favorite Halloween word so I just decided to post a bunch of them- bonus to this post, these words would make great story starters AND they’re tasty if I don’t say so myself:

  • apparition
  • enchanted
  • ghost
  • ghostly
  • ghoulish
  • goblin
  • haunted house
  • haunting
  • hobgoblin
  • levitation
  • medium
  • occult
  • orbs
  • paranormal
  • phantasm
  • phantom
  • poltergeist
  • possessed
  • possession
  • seance
  • specter
  • spirit
  • unearthly
  • wraith
  • bloodcurdling
  • bloodsucker
  • bloody
  • bones
  • carved
  • chainsaw
  • decapitated
  • demon
  • evil
  • exorcism
  • fangs
  • gory
  • grim
  • gruesome
  • knife
  • lurking
  • macabre
  • mummified
  • pitchfork
  • reanimated
  • ritualistic
  • satanic
  • spine-chilling
  • spine-tingling
  • spree killer
  • bat
  • cadaver
  • casket
  • cemetery
  • cobweb
  • coffin
  • corpse
  • crematorium
  • crypt
  • cursed
  • decomposing
  • eerie
  • epitaph
  • full moon
  • gravestone
  • graveyard
  • howling
  • magic
  • mausoleum
  • morbid
  • owl
  • shadow
  • skull
  • spider
  • tomb
  • afraid
  • begging
  • creeped out
  • crying
  • fearful
  • frightened
  • frozen with fear
  • heart-pounding
  • horrified
  • horror-stricken
  • palpitations
  • panicked
  • panicky
  • petrified
  • scared
  • screaming
  • shaking
  • spooked
  • terrified
  • terror
  • terrorized
  • trembling
  • unnerved
  • weeping