The Floaters

For Fandango’s Flasback Friday I decided to repost a story I wrote in September of 2007 called ” Floaters” 

Floaters is one of those true life stories that nobody will ever believe is true so I just  say ‘yep- it’s just a story’.

But between me and you, every word of it is true.



Down the street from where I work is the waterfront.

It’s interesting for a variety of  reasons.

Like there’s a couple of mummies in one place, a great fish and chips place in another and did I mention the mummies already?

” Sylvester “
Photo bY A.M. Moscoso

Hands down one of my favorite things to do is to stand there, looking out at the water and when there’s a small group of people eating snacks and taking selfies I’ll turn to a friend ( this only works if someone I know is there ) and say

” So you know what they have to do here every morning?”

No my friend will say on cue.

” The City has to get out here early and look for floaters.”

” What’s that?”

” You mean who. Dead bodies. See the tide comes in and they get pushed up here and wouldn’t you know it?” There’s always a tourist looking down and there’ll it will be. A big juicy floater hitting the pilings. I heard when they hit  it makes a weird knocking sound. Anyway. It’s bad for business. So the City gets out here early and fishes then out with a big giant hook

” Oh my God. That cannot be true. ” my friend will say.

I take a quick look around and at this point my little audience-and there always is one because people are nosey and eavesdroppers by nature. Anyway the little crowd is clearly on my friend’s side and I can tell the image of a bloated water-logged corpse being fished out of the water is something they can’t unsee- unless of course they can convince themselves that this is absolutely not true.

” Well they can’t walk out. They’re dead you know.”

” You made that up. It’s not true.” My friend will say for the little group.

” Fine it’s not true.”

” Really? It’s not true. You were just kidding. Admit it.”

” Sure. ” I’ll say clearly not meaning it. ” I’m just kidding. Really.” I’ll say as unconvincingly as possible. ” I’m just kidding.”


Photographer Unknown


One Minute

Daily Prompt: Which topics would you like to be more informed about?

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind
John Everett Millais1892

In that minute before the Universe as we know it roared to life

I would like to know

was something already here?

Were there Planets and Moons and Stars?

Were the dogs and cats and people, flowers and trees , fish, streams and fossils?

Was it vaporized when our Universe was born  or had it gone dark

billions of years before?

I would like to know, I would like a glimpse of what had come before us- because I am

sure that something did.