Seven Magical Days

WordPress Daily Prompt: Describe your ideal week.

AI artwork by Pumpkin Empress-

The perfect week would find me

nowhere near a phone

in a place where no one knows my name and

it snows late at night and when the sun comes up it’s foggy and cool

and the air smells like burnt sugar.


For seven days I would wander the streets with my dog

and sometimes we would stop

so that he could hear someone say

what a good dog he is and they would pat him gently on top of his head.


For seven days,  me and my dog would see the world

in all of it’s imperfections and with all of its flaws

and for those seven days it wouldn’t matter how loud the demons and ghosts

that haunt it would howl

for seven magical days.

Say Cheesey Nachos!

Share Your World


Di, at Pensitivity101, is our host for Share Your World each week. Here are her SYW questions for this week.

1. Do you like change?

I  like anything that I can smoother will melted cheese- nacho style. If it can’t be smothered with cheese then my answer is no. Just kidding. I like change. Change in all things keeps  you on your toes and encourages you to be creative.  But you know, I like cheese so-

2. Can you remember the last time you had to use an operator service?

At my warehouse we have one of those old school freight elevators that  you have to run yourself. You have to pull up the iron gates and pull them down again. You have to hold the button to run the elevator and you have to know when to let go so the car lines up with the floor.

That being the case, I’ve grown accustomed to bypassing most if not all Operator Services.  I hate knowing that my concerns are showing up as a little blinking light somewhere in the world where nobody cares if I live or die.

3. What is the best and worst ‘hold’ music you have had to listen to?

I was scheduling an appointment for my dog and the receptionist asked me to hold. I was ready to get an earful of Muzak, but something happened and my call didn’t get put on hold. Less then a minute later I heard the receptionist  singing a song by Paula Abdul – ” Straight Up “- remember that one?

That was the best hold music I have ever heard. It was awesome.

The worst is anytime I have to listen to The Beatles or John Lennon or George Harrison on a loop. That’s Hell for me.

4. Do you find numerous ‘options’ annoying when connected to an automated service?

Nope.  I just hit the # sign until the automated service has a nervous breakdown. Does that one finger salute work? Well. Yes. Yes it does.

That was a fun share- I’m glad I took part in it this week!