Hark! Who Goes There?


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Meeting people in cyberspace

Remember in the beginning of the movie  Invasion of The Body Snatchers people are insisting that their friends and relatives LOOK like their friends and relatives, but that something is off. It’s as if they’ve been replaced but a copy of themselves.

I think that happens in cyberspace.

Say I know someone in the ‘real world’ and meet a person who knows them from Cyberspace.

Their Cyberspace friend will comment how our friend seems ‘off”.

It’s like I’m hearing a variation on that line- it looks like her, sounds like her but something is different….

Well. I want to say. You don’t know the ‘real person’.

But I never do.

spooky mirror3

There seems to be a sense of purity when it comes to internet relationships, people seem to think there are no filters, there are no masks that what you are getting is someone’s true self-.

That feeling of closeness, that familiarity?

That’s happening in your head.

It’s a reflection.

scary mirror2

I think that cyberspace is a nice  place to visit, to explore.

There is a downside though.

Do you know what happens to the human body when it spends time in cyberspace’s  counterpart outer space?

Your muscles atrophy, your bones get brittle, your heart shrinks and you lose your sense of balance.

The same thing happens to you in cyberspace.

Be careful out there.

 disintegrating star

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