“Science people! Do Your Science”

Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.


Christmas Eve, three years in the future and I’m supposed to write a post from it.

Heavy sigh.

Every year I wish for the future I thought was bound to happen to actually happen.

I thought we’d being flying around in spaceships like the Starship Enterprise. I thought I’d be living on Mars and that I’d have a little house there made out of crashed spaceships.

I thought my yard would be full of animals from planets with not one but two Suns and maybe five moons.

Back on Earth ( where I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on purpose ) I’d have a cool house that could talk to me and did all the cooking and could make its own weather happen right over our roof.


So three years from now I still hope that I will be writing a post about the alien invasion force that got hit by an asteroid on its way to destroy Earth, ha ha ha.

I hope we finally find Martians or at least fossils on Mars and I’m hoping that Mercury finally falls into the Sun because if it’s gone I won’t have to hear that ignorant talk about how it stops and all of a sudden rotates backwards and screws up our phones and computers.

“Science people! Do Your Science” would be the title of that post.

mercury sun

Christmas Eve three years from now I want to blog about the how we’re flying through space, living on other planets  and how writers are  going to retreats on Titan because nobody has written a famous book there…yet.


Common sense says I probably won’t be blogging about Martians or the hassle of commuting to Mars and why is it easier to commute to Pluto?

It’s going to take us a lot longer than three years for any of the things I’ve written about to maybe happen.

Think so?

With that kind of attitude I know one thing for sure…it won’t happen ever.

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