WhatsApp Doc?

I learn or feel somerhing new aftet visiting Judy’ blog. Dont just read it soak it in.

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown


WhatsApp Doc? (Three Years Hence)

I must admit three years ago,
my blog was going rather slow.
I labored hours for paltry views.
My “follows” came by ones or twos.

I thought that if I never bored,
I’d be the blog that all adored.
The world would wind up at my door
begging me for even more!

I wrote about what piqued my interest
without ever joining “Pinterest;”
and when it came to using “Twitter,”
I must admit, I was a quitter.

The fact that I’ve attained no fame?
I only have myself to blame.
With “Instagram” beyond my grasp,
my social chain has no real clasp.

I thought my blog was doing fine,
though I’d not heard about the “Vine.”
I fear I was a “Snapchat” dunce.
“Tumbir?” I’d heard it mentioned once.

“MeetMe,” “ Omegie,” “Skout” or “Tinder?”
These sites to meet the other gender
simply were beyond…

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