Nothing To See Here…Let’s Move Along Folks

:::Holidailies Prompt:::

If you could invent any holiday, what would it be?


There’s no getting around it.

I would have considered the Holiday Season incomplete without Halloween- so had there not been one I’d have brought it on.

See for yourself:

Getting out knives and carving up pumpkins and scooping their innards out into a gooshy pile on a plate and then roasting their seeds and planting the rest so the pumpkins run riot all over the front yard?



Finding haunted houses full of ghosts and monsters and bodies buried in the backyard or in the basement  or stuffed in steamer trunks in the attic and then charging people to go in and look around.

You know- I’d actually have let them do that for free.




Dressing up in costumes, celebrating the strange and the macabre and celebrating all things of the night- and for those hours after sunset not being afraid of the dark?



The treats, the games and more treats and games-laughing far into the night with the faces we choose to wear, not the ones stamped on us by birth or  created by life’s left hook to your face.



For one night, we can create or join mysterious rituals.

We can hold up a candle, pull open the door that separates the world from the living and the dead and peek through or walk through- move with the spirit or follow it.

The choice is yours.



For one night we can romance the darkness, the mystery, the sweetness of Autumn


Or run from it and win the race with whatever scares us the most


Either choice is exciting

Double Check.


Being that the Universe knew what it was doing when Halloween was invented I say Kudos- I would have just invented a riff on it- and why do that?

I love the one we have just as it is.



Is Anybody There?


Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.


I gave up praying a couple of years ago.

I stopped praying for strength and mercy, to know the right path to walk.

I stopped praying the day I had to have my dog put to sleep- if God or the Devil couldn’t be bothered to show her mercy or to do a deal to save her life, I didn’t stand a chance of having my prayers answered.

So I don’t pray.

I believe, but I don’t pray.

What’s the point?

Nobody is listening.


The universe demands balance, the human spirit demands balance human nature sticks it’s thumb on the scale and pushes it down in it’s own favor all of the time.

I’d like to do that every once and awhile- just cheat, lie and betray who ever I have to in order to get what I want- to tip those scales in my own favor.

Then I’ll run to church and thank God for answering my prayers,  and I’d beg for forgiveness  for not recognizing his power in the past and to promise to be a better person from now  on.


I guess I do have faith, I have faith that the world is hard, it’s not fair and it has teeth and claws and will rip you apart chunk by bloody chunk.

In this I believe, this I know to be true.


Penny For Your Thoughts


Her name doesn’t matter, his name doesn’t matter but as for  his Wife…

Oh her name matters very much and I’ll tell you why.

Her name was Penny-  and she was indeed the lucky Penny, the bad Penny, the one cent people give along with their opinions so you won’t punch them in the throat when they give it.

He met the former Penny Dyen in a bookstore.

She was flipping through a book and chuckling to herself and that’s what he was taken with.

That deep rich laugh.

She looked up from her  and he looked down into her dark brown eyes.

He introduced himself and she closed the book and gave him her name and two months later he gave her his last name.

It was on their first wedding anniversary he asked if she remembered the title  of the book was that she had been enjoying so much.

The one that made made her laugh and drew him towards her.

” Oh. Yeah. Sure I remember, it was a hoot.”

He waited for her to answer because she had started to laugh again.

He couldn’t help but to smile.

” It was The Exorcist. The Devil in that book reminded me of someone I knew once.”

His mouth dropped open. ” You knew someone like…”

” Oh don’t worry Sweetheart. He wasn’t as cute as you and is totally out of my life now.”

scary mirror2

He was never scared of Penny.

He felt like the person after they skydive for the first time, or fight off a  shark or find themselves in the eye of a tornado.  That’s what he felt like  with Penny in his life

Penny  never slept, he never saw her actually eat food and the neighborhood cats, dogs and small children all sounded someone was cutting their heads off when they saw her walk by.

But he would be the first to tell you after awhile he felt like a visitor in the world Penny came from- he never quite got a handle on the way she seemed to always know things before they happened or how she seemed to just appear for a second and was gone like a puff of smoke.

So every once and awhile He went back to his old world where people didn’t stare into mirrors for hours at a time talking backwards at their reflections because as Penny explained that was the only way the words would come out right on the other side.

His problem started when he brought someone into the world he shared with Penny.

She was an old flame- very old and when  Penny found out how old she was Penny laughed and said, ” Sweet Baby Jesus, if you wanted a bag of moldy bones to love, we got plenty of those in the back yard. I could have dug some up for you. I’d be glad to, it’s getting crowded back there.”

Beyond that Penny didn’t seem to concern herself with His ‘Moldering Cadaver’ ( as Penny called her )

But the Moldering Cadaver cared very much about Penny.

She called Penny and Penny agreed to meet her at the Park down the street from Penny’s house.

Their conversation was actually very brief.

She wore rings on all of her fingers, her hair was cut like Penny’s and she was wearing nose bleedingly high platform shoes.

Penny looked down into Her eyes and was not surprised to see the Sanity draining from them as they spoke.

Penny was not surprised because she had that effect on people.

The part where She pulled out the gun and fired it right between Penny’s eyes.

That was new.


Poor Penny, the neighbors said with some relief.

To be shot in cold blood like that and how morbid- that old Park was actually part of an old cemetery and whoever had shot her in the head had also bashed her face in with a piece of broken tombstone.

That was a shame, people said with honesty. Penny had actually been a beautiful woman in life.


He married Her after a year.

Of course the sanity did not magically find it’s way back into Her head sadly enough.

She now  drank too much, smoked too much and wrote far too much poetry about passion and regaining one’s youth again and how female breasts were a metaphor for true love and made Him listen to it.

He would sometimes wish during those readings that Penny was there laughing into her books about Demonic Possession or history books about the Black Death ( good times baby she would say as she wiped the tears from her eyes ) and torture.

He missed Penny, but it was probably a stretch that she would take him back- being that he married the woman who killed her.


One night, he was sitting on his front porch smoking one of the Cuban Cigars that Penny had stashed in the library upstairs.

She loved to smoke cigars and the habit had rubbed off on him.

So on that biting cold November evening He was wishing Penny was there to smoke with him when Penny walked up the steps.

Her face was beautiful again, the bullet hole was gone.

He stood up, took her into his arms and he said

” Penny, I’m so sorry. I … “

Penny took the cigar from his fingers and kissed him. Her eyes burned bright and she ran her fingers through his hair. ” You always have been a little Devil my love-“

Penny  turned him loose turned  and opened the door to their house.

She squared her shoulders, popped the cigar into the corner of  her mouth and called Her name- actually Penny howled Her name  like a demon escaping from Hell is probably a better way to describe it- into the dark innards of her home.

Penny took a breath a long easy breath and said with love and affection oozing from every pore in her body as she crossed the threshold:

” But as we both know, I’ve always been a bigger one.”




:::Holidailies Prompt:::

The strangest thing in the room.

Could the strangest thing in the room be the embalming tools I’ve collected over the years?

The Voodoo Dolls, the books about monsters, the mirrors that are doors and the doors that swing open and shut when nobody is in the room?

disturbed sign

Or maybe it could be the empty bottles of poison sitting on a shelf above my bed next to a picture of my cat, my dog, the old faded  picture of my first Christmas tree?

I’m not sure when the little bottles were drained dry

or why

or by whom.

I’d rather not know, would you?


The  strangest thing could be the bones in the corner, or maybe the knife under the bed, the empty glass wrapped in a towel and hidden under the floorboards next to the window.


I think I know, I’m sure I know,

The strangest thing in the room,

the darkest thing in the room

the thing that comes and goes like a nightmare on those long cold nights




Hamish at Christmas Time

Hamish Macbeth Christmas 2015

Hamish Macbeth
Christmas 2015

Hamish is my little Chocolate Lab- he just turned a year old in July.

This is his second Christmas and the present he is holding is from my Sister and her family.

Funny thing, he loves to eat paper and go through my purse and open packages.

Except for his Christmas present, he didn’t want to tear it open. He carried it around and when I tore it open for him he looked confused. If he had a squirt bottle, I’d have caught a blast of water from it.

My little Chocolate Kiss- he’s made my little ray of sunshine.

“Science people! Do Your Science”

Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.


Christmas Eve, three years in the future and I’m supposed to write a post from it.

Heavy sigh.

Every year I wish for the future I thought was bound to happen to actually happen.

I thought we’d being flying around in spaceships like the Starship Enterprise. I thought I’d be living on Mars and that I’d have a little house there made out of crashed spaceships.

I thought my yard would be full of animals from planets with not one but two Suns and maybe five moons.

Back on Earth ( where I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on purpose ) I’d have a cool house that could talk to me and did all the cooking and could make its own weather happen right over our roof.


So three years from now I still hope that I will be writing a post about the alien invasion force that got hit by an asteroid on its way to destroy Earth, ha ha ha.

I hope we finally find Martians or at least fossils on Mars and I’m hoping that Mercury finally falls into the Sun because if it’s gone I won’t have to hear that ignorant talk about how it stops and all of a sudden rotates backwards and screws up our phones and computers.

“Science people! Do Your Science” would be the title of that post.

mercury sun

Christmas Eve three years from now I want to blog about the how we’re flying through space, living on other planets  and how writers are  going to retreats on Titan because nobody has written a famous book there…yet.


Common sense says I probably won’t be blogging about Martians or the hassle of commuting to Mars and why is it easier to commute to Pluto?

It’s going to take us a lot longer than three years for any of the things I’ve written about to maybe happen.

Think so?

With that kind of attitude I know one thing for sure…it won’t happen ever.