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:::Holidailies Prompt:::

If you could invent any holiday, what would it be?


There’s no getting around it.

I would have considered the Holiday Season incomplete without Halloween- so had there not been one I’d have brought it on.

See for yourself:

Getting out knives and carving up pumpkins and scooping their innards out into a gooshy pile on a plate and then roasting their seeds and planting the rest so the pumpkins run riot all over the front yard?



Finding haunted houses full of ghosts and monsters and bodies buried in the backyard or in the basement  or stuffed in steamer trunks in the attic and then charging people to go in and look around.

You know- I’d actually have let them do that for free.




Dressing up in costumes, celebrating the strange and the macabre and celebrating all things of the night- and for those hours after sunset not being afraid of the dark?



The treats, the games and more treats and games-laughing far into the night with the faces we choose to wear, not the ones stamped on us by birth or  created by life’s left hook to your face.



For one night, we can create or join mysterious rituals.

We can hold up a candle, pull open the door that separates the world from the living and the dead and peek through or walk through- move with the spirit or follow it.

The choice is yours.



For one night we can romance the darkness, the mystery, the sweetness of Autumn


Or run from it and win the race with whatever scares us the most


Either choice is exciting

Double Check.


Being that the Universe knew what it was doing when Halloween was invented I say Kudos- I would have just invented a riff on it- and why do that?

I love the one we have just as it is.



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