The Death of Andela Palmira


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Yokoyama  Taikan
Yokoyama Taikan


Andela Palmira

Can it be you

whispering into my ear

Is that really you

with your cold hand on my neck

Andela Palmira

didn’t you die  last Halloween?


I think I can hear your breathing,

I think I can hear you pleading

when I am all alone in the dark

And you shouldn’t be living

Andela Palmira

You froze to death

under the Moon



Lost Creek Bridge


Is it true people saw you dancing

with a stranger dressed in red

Is it true that you started to turn blue

As he waltzed you across the bridge?


Go away

Andela Palmira

stop whispering desperately into  my ear

I don’t want to go dancing with you

Under the moon

in the ice and the cold



Lost Creek Bridge.


Ladislav Mednyánszky
Ladislav Mednyánszky

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