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I used to work in a funeral home

I used to sit with the dead.

I used to fit them in their finest clothes

I arranged their flowers, their hair, their hands.

As I worked

 I’d listen to Mozart, sometimes it was the Ramones

sometimes I would eat Pez and sprinkle holy water

on a plant we kept in the hall.

The dead had died

and I was alive

we were mismatched companions for awhile


I wonder what it was


 watched us both


such quiet and thoughtful silence.


8 thoughts on “The Embalmer’s Hours

    1. animar64 says:

      I’ve been trying to capture what it felt like when I used to do this work and I think I got it into words.

      1. John W. Leys says:

        You did very well, I could picture it in my mind as I read.

    1. animar64 says:

      Thank you! This one was personal, so it’s one of my favorites.

      1. Delyn Merce says:

        The personal ones are usually my faves too–they come from the depths.

  1. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing. The ending is just perfect.

    1. animar64 says:

      It was quite an experience to work in a Funeral Home, but that sense of never really being alone- either it creeped you out or it didn’t. I drew a sense of connectivity from it.

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