To Grandmother’s House We Go



” How come we only go to Grandma’s house at night?” I asked my Mom a very long time ago.

My Mom and I were in my room,  We were standing in front of my open closet and chosing which dress I should wear to Grandma’s.

” Do you want to wear the red one or pink?” she asked me.

I looked into my closet and pointed to the pink dress.

” Grandma likes it that way, that’s why.” she said. ” Go chose out you socks.”

” Do they have to match?”

” Each other .” my Mom told me.

I ran to my dresser and pulled open my sock drawer and pulled out purple knee socks. ” Here. I want to wear these.”

My Mom shrugged.  ” Okay.”

” Mom, come on. Why can’t we go during the day? Grandma doesn’t have a tv and I’ll miss my shows.”

” It won’t kill you to miss  Love American Style every once and awhile. God, I’d like to know what you see in that show anyway, you’re six years old”

” No monsters.”

” Are you kidding me?”

I hopped up on my bed and started to jump up and down.

” Will you stop that?” Mom tossed my dress at me.

I watched it land near my pillow.

” No. It helps me think.”

I kept bouncing.

” Ok. I’ll bite. what are you thinking about?”

” Why do we have to go to Grandma’s at night.”

My Mom handed me my dress and told me to stand still. She tied my hair back into a ponytail and started to pick at my bangs.

” Because she’s a Devil during the day. You know that.”

My Mom flicked some loose hairs out of her way as she fixed my hair and then  gave a quick little rub to the tiny little horns that were just starting to bud from the sides of my forehead.  “Get dressed. She’s making your gingerbread men  for a treat tonight. You know how they taste funny when they start to cool.”

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

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