It Really Is A Dark and Stormy Night


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" Rainy Night" Childe Hassam

” Rainy Night” Childe Hassam

Tonight there’s supposed to be a storm, not just a storm but a big bad storm.

The winds are supposed to howl and the rain is supposed to cover the roads and it may even flood in some areas.

I’ve read that some areas may even lose power.

It’s going to be a dark and stormy night.

I am trying not to laugh.

That line is supposed to be the most cliche line in the writing Universe but the bottom line is when you

live through a few dark and stormy nights, ( and you write what I write ) it totally rev’s your engine up.

One could even say it’s inspirational.

So bring it Mother Nature.


  I stocked up on Little Debbie snacks.


Tonight I was at the grocery store, ( stocking up on snacks ) and people in the check out line were talking about the storm headed our way.

People were stressing and worried about the power going out and being plunged into the darkness.

It’s terrible, I heard, to lose your internet connection and to watch the battery on your phone slowly die.

I tried not to laugh.

I failed.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso