Pleas On Behalf Of Another

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

‘ Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out’

Nobody gets to be spared in this Election Cycle- I don’t care who you supported or why, but if you think it was okay to rip your friends, your family, your neighbors, random people who pop up on your FB newsfeed because you are firm in your belief that if they don’t do what you want the world as know it will end, then you need to come to grips that you are just like one of those people who hurt other people ‘for their own good’

I was not looking forward to the 2016 Campaign Season when I saw the rhetoric from Republican and Democratic voters go into overdrive. When I saw my Democratic friends turn on each other ( and how easy it was with Social Media ) I was starting to feel a little anxious.

I was wondering how to back away from the entire thing.

However the decision was made for me  after speaking to a few  of my Progressive Friends  at a Democratic meeting.

In the conversation my friends  labeled two women who according to the press “Stormed” a rally where Bernie Sanders was speaking at as ” Those Black Girls from BLM” who just lost the” Best Supporters They Had.”

As a quick note: In Seattle most of the Protests center around Westlake Mall, so if you are on a bus or car you have to sit there as the Protesters march and do their thing. While you are sitting there you can STFU because as ” we know” this is happening for ” the people ” so don’t you DARE bitch about it.

These women did the same thing to the Progressives and they were nailed for it- from what I read, every single ‘real’ Progressive was at Westlake that day or ‘saw it on youtube’ or ‘had a friend who was in the front row’  or had a ‘reliable friend;’ there  and they KNEW what happened and what happened was that these two women were wrong and damn it they had to be  called out for it. How DARE they? My Progressive friends raged. How dare they interrupt such an important man to all of  “us ” .

Really my Progressive friends…how dare they? You do it all of the time- I have friends who tried to get into their workplace at a bank and you were there with your signs and puppets chanting in their faces and in a round about way blamed  them for what was wrong with the world. You have ‘freedom of speech’ and you used it without a thought in the world to who you were actually affecting-or had any worries that you would take a beating in the press and on social media- you have rights and you used them.

It’s a luxury that not all of us actually have.

In reading this, you probably think that at this point I’m going to turn in my Democratic Label ( sorry, that I’m keeping ) but that is not the case.

I didn’t t hate Bernie or Clinton- I really  liked them both(and still do) and I figured who ever came through the Primary, I was really going to enjoy backing.

But after hearing my friends in the Democratic Party- Progressives  who weep for injustices and for those who are silenced through force and intimidation- Progressives  who demand justice for every living thing on the earth- come down hard on two women who got up on a stage and had to stare into a sea of angry faces ALONE-  I decided that maybe I should rethink the company I keep.

The Democratic Platform- it’s ideals I do support and I believe in it.

Some of the people who claim the Democratic Label as their own, who claim to be ” Progressive ” drew a line in the sand at Westlake Mall that day.

I will respect it.

And I will not be crossing it any time soon.

Not until ‘we’ all get to do it together.



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