All That Glitters Is Cold



I don’t do decorations anymore.

Not for Christmas, not for Halloween I don’t even buy those little noisemakers for New Years Eve.

I do love the music and the clothes and costumes, but the decorations just don’t add anything to the experience.


All that glitter trapping light like some king of messed up No Pest Strip hanging from the ceiling.

It’s morbid.


I am fascinated by those giant inflatable snowmen and Santas that people put up in their yards. Its cheesy but fun. Plus I like the ones that play music. I’m not sure who the music is for because I live in the suburbs and nobody walks around here. I mean if you count the trip people make from their front door to their cars- and people walking their dogs, the streets are usually empty.


So there’s this bouncy Christmas music playing into the dark and empty night of a seemingly abandoned city.


All that’s missing is a devilish figure draped in black with a Hell Hound at it’s heel eyes cast down as Santa’s Elves wish us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in their little demonic sing-song voices.


A Hell Hound? Could  Be.

A Hell Hound? Could Be. He’s Mine.  What do you think?


I do miss the days when I decorated and baked and went shopping for those little touches of sparkle and glitter that added something to the Holiday fun. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of that around me now, but for some reason it just doesn’t seem so important anymore.

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2 thoughts on “All That Glitters Is Cold

  1. Decoration take so much energy. It was easier when I was a full-time mom and my kids were around to “help” and enjoy.

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