No. No. No.


Today on Facebook I learned that Martin Luther King JR. was actually a Conservative  who would not approve of Black Lives Matter, that Rod Serling was also a Conservative who would have never voted for President Barack Obama and that God intended ice cream should only be enjoyed by the privileged and NOT by people on Food Stamps.

I have also read posts on Facebook where people are “asking” their ” friends” to not post all that hateful stuff about President Elect Pussy Grabber aka Twitler aka ‘ That Weirdo Who Has A Thing For His Daughter’.

To that I say- Twitler has gone to your brain if you’re even entertaining the idea that you can ask anyone to ” be quiet ” Seriously, do you know how patronizing that is? You as an individual do not get to “ask” me or anybody else to stop expressing themselves because you don’t like what you’re hearing. Hey, here’s an idea. Stick your fingers in your ears and chant ” la, la, la ” for the next four years.

Besides, who knows how much longer this freedom of speech thing is going to be around for- so you know, might as well smoke ’em will you got ’em.

I have also learned that President Obama is the reason Twitler got elected- you know that idea oozes so much stupid that it’s going to cover the Earth with enough  dumb to throw off  the Earth’s center of gravity  and our planet will flip on it’s side just like Uranus ( that’s science kids- no joke ).

So guess what, today I’m done with putting up with Twitler’s little Twits.

I’m going to call BS on every single thing Twitler says and does.

How long can I keep this up for?

I’m a writer baby.

And I can keep this up all day long- all day long.


Daily Prompt: Marathon

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