The Devil You Know

Photo A.M. Moscoso


that’s me,

It’s what I do.


I have been known to

plague, to harrow, to laugh at the wrong time

and much to loudly at events like funerals, arts shows and poetry readings.



that’s me,

It’s what I do.


Nobody has ever said to me

upon rounding a corner and finding me standing there:

” Good to see you ”

but they will say

” Oh. Hi. It’s You. ”

And that’s when I’ll ask them with an atomic blast of enthusiasm- ‘tell me how you’ve been!”

They always do because everyone likes to talk about themselves.

They can’t help it.

It’s true.



that’s me,

It’s what I do.


In the theatre of life

I will sit in the front row

with my feet propped up on the seat in front of me

eating popcorn

and spitting the kernels out on the floor-

I tell a big lie- it’s always on the seat next to me

and watch some people  twist and turn

on nooses they dropped around their own necks

and in the end I always jump up and cry

” Bravo! Do it again!”



that’s me,

It’s what I do.


I used to be kinder

I loved golden sunsets, merry making with my friends and

giving in

I was aalways  effing giving in

but  I heard the call because it was so loud:

Wake up Stupid! For Real, What the hell are you? A doormat?


I was bedeviled  by somebody else you see, that’s the way it works

and since I answered my Devil this has worked very well for me.



that’s me,

It’s what I do.


RDP Thursday – BEDEVIL


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