Who Has The Time For That?

RDP Wednesday – BOOK  World Book Day was celebrated yesterday. The annual event organized  by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), promotes reading, publishing and copyrights.

Our prompt for today is “book”. You can use it as a noun or a verb. Share your interpretation of the day’s prompt in words or pictures

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I collect excuses about why people don’t read books  or magazines or newspapers ( both on line and hard copies) the way I used to collect stamps and stickers back in my youngerer days.

I find these little pieces of fiction fascinating –  after someone lays one of these iron clad babies at my feet ( iron clad because they are over used and nearly worn out of existence ). I have these replies that I never say out loud because it’s pointless and all I get back is ” I know, right?”  or ” LOL, that’s funny ”  sometimes I’ll get a meme texted to me or sent to me through messenger   from the person I’m standing or sitting next to.

How sad is that?

Here are a few of my favorites- now after you are done try to not use them again and read a book, any book, your brain will thank you.


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I don’t read much, I get everything I need on line.

( I’ve heard that people are waiting for robots to go into production that they can have, er, intimate relations with. Yeah. Is THAT the everything that will make your on line life complete because that’s what I think you’re talking about. )

I don’t buy books, I get stuff to read on line.

( Uh Huh, I’m sure the newsfeed on your Facebook page is just chock full of info and factoids that we can ALL benefit from and be inspired by. )

I don’t have time to read, I’m way to busy.

( Well. I suppose that it does take time to find new games to play on your phone and it takes time to learn them too. Lots of time one would assume because I’ve watched people nearly walk off of the train platform or into the sides of buses because they HAVE to score those points.)

The last book I read was in college

( Deflector shields up… pew pew, don’t criticize me,  I WENT TO COLLEGE and I read those required books so I am EXCUSED from ever having to do it again.)


I have this goal, I want to read 101 books and so far I’ve only read 14, but I think I can do it. In fact, I’m sure of it  because have found that if I read on the train and at lunch and if I read when I’m not writing or not playing with my dog ( Playtime with my dog is necessity and I will not give that up ) I can get a lot of reading in.

Plus I signed up on Goodreads and I like it when I can check a book off as read for my 2019 reading challenge.

I won’t fool you, sometimes I watch shows that I like- there are three of them. But  is it the first thing I do when I sit down to relax or I have some free time on my hands?

No it isn’t.

I read a book and sometimes I put my book down long enough to check out the world around me. Come one world, show me something besides people on their phones.




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