Mine Smell Like Posies

RDP Thursday – FLATUS

I learned some interesting things when I looked up the definition for Flatus ( today’s RDP prompt )

I learned that a fart can kill you. Well maybe not murder you outright but holding it in can seriously mess you up.

People have googled ‘Can you get coronavirus from a fart ” and I want to know one thing….what the hell? How did this even become a question?


Boys don’t fart more then girls- which is bull because I raised three boys and they are Fart factories. I don’t care what science or Google say. It’s also a fact that girl farts smell like posies. I can say that because when girls fart we say so and given that guys seem to like Farts so much they agree. Also, they seem to enjoy it when we toot them out and pretty much give you a standing ovation-

Especially if it’s loud.

People write poems about Farts- but they stink. So I’m not posting them here.

Now here is a song that comes as close to explaining gas in the human body- actually it’s about bacteria but I love this song so I’m going to post it.

Wouldn’t want to hold it- doing that kind of thing can really hurt you.

It’s science look it up Here

7 thoughts on “Mine Smell Like Posies

  1. That was a question that originated in Australia. It was posed to the hosts of the podcast, “Coronacast”. It then went viral. Boom, boom.

    It does make sense. The dying part. Perhaps that is why the medics get so anxious when one can’t fart after abdominal surgery. As for the smell, perhaps that’s too much information, lol.

  2. Would you believe I know this song and sang along? i must admit I’d never heard the last couple of verses, but did get to nearly the end. Now my question is am I going to be able to forget it again?

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