Putting My Feet In The Dirt July Writing Prompt

#10. Regretful happenings

When we were kids- and to be honest even as adults- if I can get within striking distance of my Sister’s Easter basket I will find her chocolate bunny and I will break off it’s ears and if I I have time I’ll bite off it’s tail and eat them because I am sort of a jerk as far as big sisters go.

I regret that.

So where is this going, because it is July and Easter is long gone?

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When I was about 11 I bought my first puppy. He was an Alaskan Malamute. After he died when I was in my 20’s, I adopted a Siberian Husky so I guess you could say I may have been a jerk as far as big sisters go but I did start an endearing tradition of sorts because my sister has now had two Huskies of her own.

She loves those dogs.

A few months ago Mr. Stitch aka Sir Grump A Lot joined my Sister’s family

Stitch is a rescue from Texas so I guess you could call him a Siberian Texan.

Photo : P. C. Knapp- Stitch

So where are these random factoids going? Are they related?

Well in fact they are.

A few days ago my sister was outside with her dog and out in the middle of her lawn a small gray still and lifeless figure.

It was a bunny.

Now don’t get all twisted up- it was her garden bunny, you know a yard decoration.

But here is where me and my sister’s bunnies and Stitch meet in a glorious mashup.

Stitch bit the Bunny’s ears off- that’s right he snapped them right off of his head:

Photo: E.L. Godfrey

I sort of regret being a mean big sister at times because you never know when your actions will come back to haunt you or what shape those ghosts -as it were- will take.

But if I had to fess up and express true regret for one of those actions, in this case I freely admit-

this is not one of those times.

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