Tasia The Great

Putting My Feet in the Dirt September Prompt#7: Unreal Reflections


Her face is made of plastic and wood

her hands are made from plaster and they are cold, even when it is hot outside and the

sun is pouring into her booth and  you can see her hair wilting just a little from the heat.


Tasia The Great

will tell you your fortune

for five cents.


She will even give you a little card to keep your fortune on.


Just think, for one nickel  she will tell you if you will find true love,  if you will be rich or

if you are destined to be poor, she will tell  you if your will travel to foreign shores, she

will even tell you if you  are about to lose someone close to you.


Tasia The Great

sits like a queen on a throne

in her glass room-

but she isn’t really sitting because she doesn’t have legs,

you can’t really tell unless you know where to look

but does it matter? It does not. Not to her customers anyway.


In her booth Tasia The Great doesn’t really smile and she isn’t really frowning

she is dressed in silks, her makeup has been applied by skilled hands

a deck of cards have been artfully  fanned out in front of her a crystal ball sit behind her

on a shelf.


One her right is a little pile of cards

hidden by one of her sleeves

these are

 fortunes she is supposed to give away

for one just one  nickel


Tasia The Great

is keeping these fortunes

for herself.

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