Library Girl

Putting My Feet In The Dirt September Writing Prompt#9: Let’s Never Say Goodbye

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I was just thinking

about that first time we ran into each other

at the Library.

You were  sitting at a long table by the window

and you had a stack of fashion magazines in front of  you.

“He must really like  women’s clothes. ” I thought.

You looked up and smiled.

You had very nice straight white teeth and fluffy bleached blond hair.

You looked like Jon Bon Jovi.

He was big back then, remember?

” We go to the same school, right?” You asked by way of introduction.

Actually, you sat behind me in biology and you cheated off of my papers and my tests.

I said yes, we do go to the same school.

That stack of magazines wanted to be introduced to me too.

You obliged.

You leaned back, tapped them with your finger and bounced your head back so that

your hair fell back over your shoulders. ” This stuff is better then porn.  And the

librarian will bring you all the copies you want, they can’t say no.”

I nodded, waved a little and walked away.

I saw you 30 years later, it was at our high school reunion. We were at the sign in table I

didn’t recognize you but

you recognized me. You called me ‘ Library Girl. ”

I resisted the urge to pick up the pen next to the ‘memory album’  and jam it into your ear.

I  nodded, I waved a little and walked away.

There was some comfort in that awkward situation-

-after all, my only memory of you is

your Bon Jovi hair style and your love of porn-

was that we never said hello so that means

we will never had to  say  goodbye.

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