That Is Brilliant

My two absolutely two favorite  portraits in the world are by Franz Von Stuck.

One is Lucifer and the other is The Sin.

I suppose they appeal to me because they are both a little spooky, a little wicked and very beautiful.

Now I have a third painting to add to my list and I saw it on a show about Chocolate off all things.

The show went through a brief history of chocolate- how it started out as the choice sweet of the the elite, the rich and the amorous. The episode ends with the host preparing a chocolate souffle in his kitchen for his wife and daughter.

The portrait  ( among other examples of chocolate in artwork )showed a noblewoman who is dressed as a monk and sitting in front of her his a cup of hot chocolate.

The message in the painting shows the subject’s striking  balance between the divine and  earthly desires.

The entire portrait tickled my fancy and as soon as I find a decent print, I’m going to have it framed and it will hang in my living room with Lucifer and The Sin.


Portrait Of Louise Anne De Bourbon Conde ,

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