The Quirk

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: Unique


When I was young, I was probably around 14, I had these goals and I was picking them off one by one.

I wanted to play the guitar and guess what- within a few years I was playing lead and in those days ‘girl guitar players’ were a novelty.

My brother was mortified. He was doubly mortified when I started to ride motorcycles too.

He thought I was showing off- but I cut him slack because I was older and it must have been hard for him to watch his big sister take on ‘guy stuff’.

This was back in the 1970’s and women couldn’t even have their own credit cards separate from their husband’s until 1974, so yeah. It was different back then.

Then out of the clear blue sky, after writing stories non-stop since I was about 9 years old I started to win essay contests and short story contests – sometimes I came in first sometimes I got honorable mention but I always placed.

Which was fine by me.

It was fun to be good at something and be rewarded for it.

One day my Dad was outside doing something  under the hood of his car, maybe he was in a bad mood, but I sort of trotted up the driveway and told him I had won a prize at school for one of my stories.

The way I put it was ” Guess what, I won another writing contest “

My Dad says, ” Another? ” he slammed the hood of his car down and said ” Another one? What? Did nobody else enter but you? Does ANYONE else ever enter these things or is it just you?”

“Lots of people do.”

” Sure.” he sort of glared at me and I slunk off to the back yard and sat with my dog until dinner time.

I’m pretty sure that if I had to go looking for that moment in my life where I learned the hard way that if I was going to be unique, that if I was going to stand out-

I probably should not.

I learned, back then that I’m really not tough enough for that.

I really do wish I could have been. I really do.

Andrea Kowch ” Dream Chaser “

Bit O’ Brilliance

I thought that the Supernatural Parody set against ” Shake It Off ” by Taylor Swift was a bit o’ brilliance, so I’m going to share a couple of versions because why not?

I’m also going to share my Granddaughter’s version because watching her running around an umbrella in circles while singing along with Taylor Swift will always have me asking, why?

anita marie.

Yeah, I’m Talking About You

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Yesterday was Paul Light’s Monday Pet Peeve, but I was so peeved it took me awhile to articulate this because all that came out was ARRRGHHHHHHHHHDAMNIT!

Here it goes.

I do what I’m supposed to do under the Covid-19 Rules in my State.

During the holidays my family didn’t get together- even though we live within a block or two of each other. We stuck to the guidelines about not mixing households.

I wear my masks ONCE- when I get home from work it goes from my face  to the washer along with my work clothes. I don’t wear my workshoes in my house. I don’t hang it on my rearview mirror with the notion that the germs on it will die over night.

I wash my hands, I do the social distancing.

My entire family follows the rules and guess what.

None of us got sick- which is good because at least 5 of my family members have underlying health conditions that could make Covid-19 a VERY serious problem for them.

So the problem? My Peeve?

It’s the satellite people in my life that I have to deal with- people on the train, professional acquaintances who think it’s okay to dance off and go to super spreader events, or play like they’re following the rules and then let it slip about how they just “had” to go to this party or that party because it was SO important. Plus nobody was coughing or running a temperature so it’s all good.

I could not  possibly careless about the risks these Covaidiots take, but during the work week I have to deal with these jerks one on one. No Zooms for us.

I’m tired of doing what’s right because in doing what’s right for the people I care about, I’m also doing it for a bunch of scum suckers and bottom feeders too.

I wish there was a way to tease those two groups apart because I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the being forced to care about a bunch of people despise with a passion.

My Monday Peeve is pretty big and it’s still eating at me  and it’s Tuesday.