The Last Day

These piles of human wreckage aren’t going away anytime soon, but this is the last day

they will ever be viewed as  being ‘ normal ‘ that they can claim to be ‘ Patriots’.

This is the last


Photographer Unknown

Artist Unknown

Photographer Unknown
Trump Supporter

Photographer Unknown- Trump supporter screaming into the face of a peaceful protestor.


Lighter Days

RDP: Lighten

Peter Tregub, 1984

I can’t write about the darkness

unless I can see a clear blue sky,

unless I can see  flowers running riot in wild gardens, growing trees full of bugs and noisy birds and fat squirrels teasing  crows with  peanuts and treats given to them by people sitting alone on benches and lawn chairs  hoping the sun would shine a little brighter in their yards today

I can’t write about monsters

unless I can walk my dog and meet happy puppies  and laugh at the way they say hello to each other- with wagging tails, flopping ears and short happy puffs of doggie breath.

I can’t write about nightmares

unless I can daydream about good things  too.


Meme Me Baby


Think of this as a meme-

this is a hieroglyph showing something very unusual and it’s making a very important statement and point- this shows the Pharaoh Hatshepsut as a dominant figure.

No big you say?

Well, yes. It is.

Hatshepsut was a woman who became Pharaoh- she was not someone’s Queen.

She was Pharaoh.

Whoa, is right.

Hieroglyphs showing Thutmose III on the left and Hatshepsut on the right, she having the trappings of the greater role — Red Chapel, Karnak

This is a meme too.

It’s been around forever as far as the internet goes and it makes a point but I’m not sure exactly what it is- other then kittens threatening your life makes us laugh- but should it?

Greater minds then mine will figure that out one day.

Old Style Meme regarding love and beauty:

The small temple at Abu Simbel was dedicated to Nefertari and Hathor of Ibshek. The dedication text on one of the buttresses states:

“A temple of great and Mighty monuments, for the Great Royal Wife Nefertari Meryetmut, for whose sake the (very) sun does shine, given life and beloved” 

And then there is this modern meme doing the same exact thing:

I like Meme’s they’re fun, they’re cute and in their own way they communicate ideas.

In my case, if they communicate something about grand or silly I love them best if cats and romance are involved.



FOWC with Fandango — Meme