No Flowers For YOU Young Lady!

Word of the Day Challenge: Picking

‘Floral Mystery’ by Yuri Pysar

One year

my former boyfriend gave me some flowers for Valentines Day.


I thought they were for me.

Until I looked at the card and realized they had been delivered  to the wrong house.

At least.

I thought they had been delivered to the wrong house because it wasn’t my name on the card.

Then I saw his name was the ‘love from’ and realized he had sent flowers to another woman and put my address down instead of hers.

So here’s what I did.

I put them in the hallway near the front door.

He came over later that day and saw them there and I dared him.

Just dared him to say one word.

He didn’t of course.

I know he wanted to say something

because let me tell you he spared no expense on the arrangement.

It must have cost him a few pretty pennies.

It was awesome, he had to walk by them when he came over.

Which of course he only did a few more times- and then he started to come in through the side door.

Eventually they dried up and died.

Pick your battles and pick your battle lines.

and always, always, always

have a victory dance planned.