Where Are His Eyes?

Linda G Hills  Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is: “close eyes and point.” When you’re ready to write your post, open a book, a newspaper, or whatever is handy and close your eyes and point. Whatever word or picture your finger lands on, make that the basis of your SoCS/JusJoJan post. 


You need to have a voice to sing,

legs so that you can  walk and run

hands to grasp things with


you do not need eyes to write.

You don’t have to see to create.


In this portrait of Victor Hugo

all you see where his eyes should be

are two pools of darkness.


I wonder if his eyes were really that dark

or if the painter was telling us a little story about Victor Hugo.


I think his eyes in this painting tell a story about his works of art, his writing, his dedication to his causes weren’t exactly the stuff of comedies. I wonder if he had a sense of humor? What did it sound like when he laughed? Could he laugh? His beloved daughter died by drowning before she was 20 years old. Her husband died trying to save her. I wonder if the sound of his laugh changed after her funeral. I’ll bet it did. How could it not have changed?

e really enjoyed going over this painting, it brought up some great ideas, made me think of the way we react to the world and what happens in it and the mark it leaves on us.

In this case the world left it’s mark on Victor Hugo’s face, it left it where his eyes used to be.


Victor Hugo
by Léon Bonnat

The Light House By Victor Hugo

Octopus By Victor Hugo

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