Ragtag Daily Prompt: Wrest

Anrea Kowch 1986
In the Distance 


I do what I am supposed to do-

I am polite

I am punctual

I do not throw things when I am angry

I do not buy things when I am sad.

I do not run red lights, I do not push  my way to the front of the line.

I do not chew food with my mouth open.

I am simple, predictable, boring.


If there was ever a moment when I could have been wild, done something reckless

stayed out all night and walked home with my shoes in my hand

laughing about that crazy night with the stray dog who followed me home

with it’s head tilted slightly to the side, snickering the way dogs do

that glorious unlived time has passed and laughed at me as it strolled by.

Last Time I Looked

Jewelry by Salvador Dali , 1959.

My imperfect nose,

my muddy brown skin

my oval doughy face

do I have cheekbones?

the day before yesterday

I screwed up the courage and looked in the mirror and I did.


My smile is flawed, my hair oh my hair

when the wind blows it covers up my face.

I like my hair.

It has personality and style.

I should  send it flowers or give it a gift

for Valentines day

at least.


Word of the Day Challenge: Nudiusterian