My Curious Collection

Putting My Feet in the Dirty Prompt#14- The Tear Keeper

Each memory

each word

each touch

each smile, smirk and curse

I have ever seen or felt

sits on a shelf in a room

that I visit

when I  am happy

when I am tired

when I am angry.


Each memory

every face

every taste

every breath of wind that blew against my face when I was walking alone

sits on a shelf

that I visit

when I am angry

when I am tired

when I am happy and having a good day.


Some of my memories are fragile, some are as sharp as broken glass, some are warm to the touch, some are deathly cold. But I’ve given them a home on those shelves and I treat them with respect and care.


And other memories are in boxes in my shed

I keep the door chained shut I won’t let anyone in

and I feed what I keep in them twice a day.


We roar together

we gnash our teeth together

we enjoy the darkness together and sometimes we enjoy the light together too.


They are my favorites

of course.

And I always visit them when I write.

Little Windows

These ambient videos are great, if you visit me often you’ve probably noticed that I like to post them.

But there is a reason for that.

I like to play them while I’m writing, or sometimes I play them when I’m working on my art projects.

So maybe you might find them as fun and entertaining as I do.

Of these three I like the 3rd one the best but the first one is pretty and has a lot to look at and the second one is fun to listen to.

I hope you like my choices!

Anita Marie